On your toes THILLER!!!!!!!!!

By sborgen29
Written May 02, 2016
Most of the time I feel like sequels don't do the original movie justice. Insidious 2 is AMAZING!!! I want to say it is better than the first, but if you haven't seen the first Insidiuos then you can't fully understand the second. It was an edge of your seat, on your toes, curl up with your significant other and hold on tight!!!!!!!!! I loved it and anyone that loves a good ghost story needs to check this one series out!!!
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Lived Up to the Hype!

By marcuschandler910
Written April 28, 2015
This movie definitely was a different breed than the original Insidious. It felt like more of a typical haunted house movie, but with all the implements that nail the hammer on the fear nail. The scares are more intensified so be ready to scream a lot more in this one. Oh yeah spoiler alert, threes probably gonna be an Insidious 3 based on the ending.
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Written August 05, 2015
Loved the way the movie brought you up to speed by having scenes of the first film. So if you'd forgotten or not seen the first, you could understand the 2nd chapter. It. is a thrill ride. It weaves a thoroughly "can't take your eyes off the screen" story. The make up was spectacular as was the cinematography. The scary was offset by some comic relief by the two "ghost hunters". If you are a fan the genre, this is a must see. Hoping there will be Chapter 3.
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One of the best horror movies.....ever!!

By sgimene28
Written February 11, 2016
I watched Insidious like 2 years ago and it was more than amazing, spooky, scary.... you name it. Then, I heard about the sequel and I couldn't wait to go to the movie theater. You know, people tend to say that the second parts of movies are not as good as the originals.....but this movie was more than awesome Great special effects, excellent make ups, very good actors.... I can't wait until Insidious 3!!!!!
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By kristibyars
Written March 31, 2015
This movie was so much better than the first movie, and the first movie scared me to death. I was suspense from the start to the end, and left you to want to see the 3rd chapter. If you are looking for things to jump out at you at night totally MUST GO see this movie.
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