What a Treat (and Trick)

By iggymoore
Written September 15, 2013
I thought that the Conjuring was the only horror story that would be worth my time, but along comes Insidious 2 (coincidentally co-written and directed by the same James Wan). What a clever story that ties up the first installment like a Christmas package. The acting is first rate and the action non-stop. If you loved Insidious, you will really love this next installment.
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So Good!

By Kelly97
Written September 16, 2013
The sequel was everything I had hoped for and more! It's a great follow up to the first one and answers every question the first one left unanswered. It actually scares you, as well. Not just pop-out scare, but literally gives you chills. My only problem with this film was the actors in the first scene. The woman who plays a younger version of Josh's mom was an awful actress.
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When will the string of bad horror movies cease?

By glennjburns
Written September 15, 2013
I like the concept of these movies but they never provide a horror experience. They may work as a drama or comedy even, but horror is not a genre that this movie would fall under. In fact I'm not sure that the makers of this movie were sure what they were going for as there are more comedic scenes than attempts at scares. Do not waste your money on this film.
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watch the dice

By on3lokito
Written September 13, 2013
this movie was great a perfect set up of the first movie to this one this was a great actual chapter 2 it didn't feel like the cheap rip off of the first i recommend it
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Don't be fooled by the HYPE!

By mauramichelle
Written September 14, 2013
I saw the movie and it was not good. Honestly, it could have went straight to DVD. It had some spooky parts but nothing major. The Conjuring was wayyyy better!
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