Good Fun

By chrizrox
Written August 23, 2014
If you liked the first one and want to turn your brain off and just have fun you will love it. Could it have been better? Of course. Was it perfect? no. Did I enjoy it? Yes very much! They did a very cool job mixing back story with the current story and even the previous movie. Very clever.
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By manderson2006691
Written August 22, 2014
great great horror flick that doesn't have to gross you out to make your skin jump, I had doubts it could be as good as the first but SURPRISE it was actually even better
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By mramirez201g
Written August 28, 2014
Was so hoping for a good movie here but there were so many parts where you have to wonder if they even reviewed the takes before adding them in. needless to say I was disappointed in the lack of suspense and scary effects in the movie and the ending leads to everyone thinking there will be a part 3. LET'S HOPE NOT!!
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By T4Bradford
Written October 08, 2013
My daughter and I both felt this movie was creative and a good sequel to the original. Not predictable, some parts were, but overall a good suspenseful movie. And just like the first, ending with a fairly obvious segue for another sequel.
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Terrific Movie

By Pat Rice
Written December 07, 2013
I would definitely recommend the second chapter of one of the scariest movies of all time. Fans will love discovering what happened after Alice's death. The story is more elaborate and sophisticated this time around and fills the holes of the first movie. Acting is great but the story revolves a lot around Patrick Wilson's character. Twists and turns are definitely au rendez-vous so the story keeps you guessing until the very end. See it if you have seen the first one, you'll be pleased.
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