Different from the first Insidious, but really good!

By canumvenaticorum
Written May 02, 2016
Insidious Chapter 2 continues exactly where the last movie left off. I felt the story tied up a lot of the loose ends in the previous movie. Now, although I found this movie to be creepy and suspenseful, it wasn't as scary as the first. I think because there was a new element of comedy that was introduced. Some of my friends did not like this, but I loved it. So if you want to be entertained and are ok with a little comedy mixed in with your fear, do go see this movie.
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great addidtion to a classic

By trudat616
Written May 31, 2016
it might not be as extremely scary as people might think thanks to the trailer and other stuff. The plot, however, miakes it not only just a good scary movie but a great movie overall. No reboot, no overused storyline. I enjoyed every bit of it.
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A Very Good Sequel

By SandroCuccia
Written March 28, 2015
For those who have seen the original Insidious, this is a very good sequel with lots of scenes tying nicely with the original. I can see that people who have not seen the original may have a hard time with this one.
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Silly movie

By jim_capp
Written October 13, 2013
I do not know what possessed me to go see this movie. Get it? This movie was just down right silly. I had already forgotten most of the first movie and that didn't help. I don't remember the first one being this bad though. Don't go.
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Just saw insidious 2 on the opening day!

By pshive2305
Written October 05, 2015
Went with two other people for matinee...was hoping to see and feel some "jumping scares". Mostly just was LOUD NOISES...mainly doors...there were so many doors!!! LOL...we kinda laughed more than being scared. It seemed more like the same old same old...from the 1st movie...combined with abit of the movie "the shining"...it was okay...not really a scare movie it was like going through a Halloween house with a few things lighting up in your face. If you go...perhaps watch the 1st movie again so you can keep up with what just happened and who the heck is that person...kinda lost us a few times...actually after the movie, we were saying.."oh...okay...that is why it kept switching back and forth"....I did buy the first movie but on the fence about purchasing the second....giving it a "SO-SO" rating.
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