Written August 21, 2014
Loved the way the movie brought you up to speed by having scenes of the first film. So if you'd forgotten or not seen the first, you could understand the 2nd chapter. It. is a thrill ride. It weaves a thoroughly "can't take your eyes off the screen" story. The make up was spectacular as was the cinematography. The scary was offset by some comic relief by the two "ghost hunters". If you are a fan the genre, this is a must see. Hoping there will be Chapter 3.
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Awesome Sequel!!!

By iFaymus
Written September 13, 2013
Movie was great. Loved how it tied in many pieces from the first one, but it is not better than the sequel. It is a great sequel. Would definitely recommend it to friends!
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Ive been waiting all year

By RobNetty2k12
Written September 12, 2013
I cant wait to see this movie with my love Annette and feel her grab my arms. Its so exciting to see scary movies with her. She is so fun!!! Insidious here we come
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Silly movie

By jim_capp
Written October 13, 2013
I do not know what possessed me to go see this movie. Get it? This movie was just down right silly. I had already forgotten most of the first movie and that didn't help. I don't remember the first one being this bad though. Don't go.
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More scarier than the Trailers !

By WolvieMovie
Written September 14, 2013
I was skeptical when I saw some of the trailers of the movie for it pretty much gave it away but was glad that there was more to it than that - more suspense, more scare and pretty much tied it the first insidious. A little too much going on with the storyline, kinda lost me for a while. I think on a scale of 1-100, Insidious is about 60% scary, suspenseful and terrifying all throughout the movie while ISC2 is 50% with a spike of 80% and The Conjuring is a very close 2nd or 3rd. It made me jump and cuss on several occasions which is not normal for i am always jaded with suspenseful horror films and i love suspenseful, horror, terrifying movies. Insidious - chapter 3 ? bring it !
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