Good movie, bad theater

By brokenvibes
Written May 07, 2015
The movie was great. However, I will no longer be visiting this IMAX theater (locate on 2nd st, Rdg, pa) This is the 2nd time I have gone to see a movie and people brought young children. I cannot understand why the management allows this. A toddler (1-2 yrs old) should not be in the movies for this type of movie. The other one I had seen was Paranormal Activity 4 and there were multiple children under the age of 10 in there. Sadly this is a beautiful theater but never again. I would like to enjoy my movie and my date night, not be interupted by parents hushing their children or crying toddlers.
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When will the string of bad horror movies cease?

By glennjburns
Written November 29, 2015
I like the concept of these movies but they never provide a horror experience. They may work as a drama or comedy even, but horror is not a genre that this movie would fall under. In fact I'm not sure that the makers of this movie were sure what they were going for as there are more comedic scenes than attempts at scares. Do not waste your money on this film.
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Insidious 2

By marycath05
Written February 09, 2016
If you saw the first one, you must see Number 2. Amazingly it was much scarier than the first movie. The entire theater was screaming at all the same parts. I want to see it again!!!! The director is a genius. He tied the movies together in such an awesome way...must go experience this movie!
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Insidious 2

By samoangrl73
Written May 04, 2016
I loved the first, and 2nd chapter for me was great. I am not too impressed with the funny sessions that were added to it, but they were funny none the less.
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Actually Scary!

By elletsoccer8
Written September 01, 2015
I'm normally not the type to be scared very easily, especially with my girlfriend around me, but this movie actually made me jump.... a lot. It wasn't always scary because it had a story line to it, and it was easy to follow. I think this was a good follow up of the first one. Explains things you didn't even realize.
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