Very unexpected

By uleij
Written July 07, 2012
Great movie to watch again and again.
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Too much swearing

By kyle4653
Written June 17, 2007
there is way the heck to many swear words in this movie. i only got to the first scene and could not watch it anymore. swearing is not what makes a great movie, if anything it just shows the lack of machurity that they posses. looks good, but too much language.
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By nards911
Written June 12, 2007
Swearing |
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Too clever for itself

By illogical hawk
Written July 04, 2009
There's not much to say about this movie, because there's not much of consequence that happens. On one level its your typical heist movie, where the actual workings of the heist are kept away from the audience throughout the film while we're fed the plot and bits of the setup up so that we can follow it until the big clever reveal at the end. It's just too bad that it takes 2 hours to get there in this movie, and that there's nothing clever or even interesting about it. The motive behind it is even weaker, probably because they left that out until the end too. And despite the genre, and the two big actors in the film, there's barely even a pretense of gamesmanship or rivalry. The characters aren't even fleshed out on their own, and no one's likable. I really don't see why this movie was made. Maybe Spike Lee wanted an excuse to put in a few more of his jabs at straw man racism.
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Awesome Robbery

By MongrolMan
Written August 06, 2008
This is the perfect heist! I love this movie with how smart it was and how great the cast was.
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