Inside Llewyn Davis

By toothpick
Written January 06, 2014
A fine little movie that is unlikely to make much money or win any awards -- much like its main character. Touching. Funny. Nostalgic. Not the usual popular Coen Brothers movie - no gunfire or car chases or crime. The star is just a tiny bit lackluster, but still very good. The script is superb as are almost all the supporting characters. The film comes to us freighted with all sorts of nonsense from the media. This is not a recreation of the 60s the folk scene. This is not the story of Dave Van Ronk. Not even close. But plenty of drama, humor, and lovely music. For artists and musicians, very thought-provoking.
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Not for everyone...

By nollem55
Written December 24, 2013
But if you love the Coens and particularly if you ever had a fantasy about being in Greenwich Village in the early sixties, this is pure heaven. Amazing performance from Oscar Isaac, peerless art direction and a heartbreakingly sad (but oddly, not depressing) story. Loved it!
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Interesting movie

By sbal24
Written December 26, 2014
Enjoyable entertainment. Worth seeing. Music was excellent. A slice of life in the early 60's in the Village about a young man who has lost his musical partner and stubbornly presses on by himself. I would recommend the picture.
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Not up to the Coen Brother's Standards

By the_bird_is_the_word
Written May 24, 2015
This film does not live up to the hype. The cat is the best part of the movie. The main character is a loser. Not likeable at all. He is doomed to fail at anything he attempts to do with his life. The birds the word.
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Inside Llewyn Davis

By jtreistman
Written January 02, 2014
To me this film was like a beautiful painting I admire in a museum but don't want to hang in my home. I can see the artistry, the detail the creativity that is unmatched. At the same time Llewyn Davis is tough going since there doesn't seem to be anything redeemable about his character. I know the time, place and mood of Llewyn Davis and the film was pitch perfect but oh so heavy. I think I know why his partner threw himself off the bridge. I felt it.
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