Pretty boring

By michaelbell75844
Written December 28, 2013
This movie had NONE of what you are used to from Coen Brothers films. No memorable characters, no witty dialogue, no great acting. Its as if everyone was forced to shoot a movie that didn't really even have a script. Zero character development, so it was hard to feel for anyone, even the main character. I really have no idea how its been getting such terrific reviews, easily the worst Coen Brothers movie of all time and not worthy of its acclaim.
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The Coen's sentimental and thought provoking love letter to 60's folk music.

By mysim20
Written February 12, 2014
This film is perfect for anybody who likes A. folk music or B. quality filmmaking. A combination of those two things in one person means that they will love this film. Oscar Isaac does such a good job performing these songs, you can feel as if they carry a weight within the character. You aren't seeing this guy go all in on his music without understanding why. From his songs you can sense how much he's been through and why these songs mean so much to him. This really is the perfect film for any artist trying to succeed and refusing to compromise or totally sell out. The supporting cast is great too, its nice rotating through this extensive cast of great actors. By the part F. Murray Abraham has arrived it really is emotionally gripping. This is a must see in theaters especially, where the sound is at its best and you can see the coen's wonderful use of lighting and camera work come into play.
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A tale of Cohen

By jabber21joe5
Written March 07, 2014
The Cohen brothers are probably the most unique filmmakers in the business. Joel and Ethan Cohen are so different that other films out can accurately be described as having that Cohen look, even when neither brothers are involved. Inside Llewyn Davis , is another film that belongs in their time capsule of superb filmmaking. The movie follows a struggling folk singer who is on the brink of being a full blown failure. He's not the most likable character but is probably the most empathetic character that the Cohen brothers have ever produced. We get the image of flawed man who is trying to get a piece of that big pie in the sky. The film maybe categorized as being a node to Bob Dylan, and it certainly does in many ways but Davis comes off as another forgotten ghost in the early sixties folk scene in the Greenwich Village. A must go for any Cohen fan! and while your at it dust off some of hothouse old folk records! you may learn something about life.
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So Bad! You have better ways to spend 2 hours, believe me!

By evmurphy
Written July 06, 2015
When I used the restroom in the middle of the movie, I considered staying in there and playing Works with Friends, just to kill the time. Dark, boring, no plot, what a waste of time. Why did anyone bother making a movie like this? My mom wanted to see it so I just went with her w/o looking at these reviews first, like I normally do, wish I had!
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Interesting movie

By sbal24
Written November 26, 2015
Enjoyable entertainment. Worth seeing. Music was excellent. A slice of life in the early 60's in the Village about a young man who has lost his musical partner and stubbornly presses on by himself. I would recommend the picture.
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