The Coen Brothers are Brilliant Creators of Memorable Characters!

By Susan G
Written December 31, 2013
They do it again! The characters - and the actors known and unknown who play them - are fabulous. From the cat to Llewyn's academic friends to his agent's secretary to the union hall chief, they're all fully-realized, authentic, achingly-funny people. The Coen brothers' nation IS a country for old men - John Goodman, F. Murray Abraham, and the others playing the old and grizzled do a terrific job of conveying wisdom, absurdity, and pompous pathos. The Coens - or their set designers -have a deadly accurate eye for period details, as they had previously demonstrated in Serious Man. We roared at the decor in the Grofeins' apartment (two menorahs and African sculpture), the hair-dos, glasses, clothes, cars, the food... it's all spot on. We also loved the "inside" joke for folks who know the history of the American left. When Llewyn tells the union guy that he (Llewyn) is a communist - the union guy mutters "Schachtmanite?" - go google Max Schachtman for the whole story!
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The early '60s without nostalgia

By jsj4
Written September 02, 2015
My husband and I are old enough to remember the period and knew some of the folk musicians. He didn't like the movie, but I did. I was hard put not to sing along. But I also liked the messiness of Llewyn's character, and we both loved the cat.
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Not Worthy Of the Good Reviews

By toni919
Written December 09, 2013
I am baffled how this movie got such great reviews. The best I can say was that it was absorbing. However, the plot is very thin, and the movie was very slow. I would only recommend seeing it to people who want to see if they can figure out what all the hype was about.
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Interesting movie goes nowhere

By RandytheMovieFan
Written March 02, 2014
Maybe that was the point, that the main character was going nowhere, but he was so pathetic and the movie was such a downer that it offset the fine writing and otherwise interesting characters. But kudos to Justin Timberlake, who adds further evidence that he just may be the most talented all-around performer of his generation.
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Not the greatest Coen Bros. movie ever

By willcate
Written June 25, 2016
Probably the nicest thing I can say about this movie is that "it didn't suck." Not unlike another one of Joel and Ethan's movies, The Big Lebowski, Inside Llewyn Davis has a storyline that snakes around but never really goes anywhere. Davis is a talented but struggling pre-Dylan folk musician who simply can't to do anything right. The music helps carry the movie (like another Coen Bros. flick, O Brother Where Art Thou), but with no sympathetic characters to root for, I don't think this will be remembered as fondly as most of their other movies.
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