No Plot, No Story

By dutypaid
Written December 08, 2013
I found this to be a mostly depressing and disappointing film especially from the Coen brothers. This is a dark almost joyless film that has lots and lots of unknown folk music in long form throughout the movie. I would not waste any money! So disappointing!
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Lacking focus

By mattjgarcia68
Written June 30, 2016
The film is a mess. Mulligan whines her way through the film, Timberlake is not as good as the critics claim, and Isaac is a good singer but has little in the way of a script or even music to work with. Wasted performance by John Goodman, whose character is funny but has little purpose or definition. I was thoroughly disappointed. When the Coen Brothers make a bad film, someone has to say it, especially their fans. The emperors have no clothes on this one.
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Tedious Bore

By attorney
Written December 16, 2013
How this movie made anyone's 10 best of 2013 list, I can not fathom (other than out of loyalty to the Coen brothers). Perhaps I should have realized in the opening number, which was boring, that this was not going to be an exciting film. The lead character is largely unlikeable. Casey Mulligan was terrific, as was John Goodman. But, who wants to sit through 2 hours watching an unlikable character, who gets into problems of his own making, about which we could not care whether he gets out or not. The songs are dull. The music uninspiring. Oh, Coen Brothers, get back to your Big Lebowksi days, please!
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Truly awful

By bettyhudson5
Written November 28, 2015
And not worthy of these two celebrated directors....there's really no plot, and the lead character is remarkably unlikable. Other comments in this page pretty much sum up the deficiencies but our holiday gift to you is saving you the $$$ and time you might otherwise have invested in this mess of a movie....
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I was so excited about this film

By cynthiawrites
Written December 15, 2013
I waited with high anticipation for this film to be released, but quickly realized this wasn't going to be the the Cohen Bros film I anticipated. The music and singing was beautiful. But all the best parts seem to be in the previews. Most protagonists have redeeming qualities that make you root for them, and Llewyn had few, and then none. I understand that this is a "true-to-life" depiction of the life of a struggling folk artist, but, for me, it was no more than a depressing depiction of a non-starter selfishly floating through life without any direction, and who was, as Jean put it, an "a-hole".
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