Inside Llewlyn Lewis

By raynorsmth
Written December 09, 2013
While not being part of the folk scene in the Village, I did live there from '63 thru '78. As a merchant seaman I was mostly employed and never had to sleep on couches, etc. I found this movie and its main character depressing as Hell (no surprise} and it had none of the wonder that the Village had for me in those days. The cinematography was excellent, acting was very good. Where the Coen brothers were going with this film left me a bit in the dark. One sour note: The shipping out sequences toward the end of the film were total b--s. There is no, repeat, no license or document for able-bodied or ordinary seaman which is entitled Masters, Mates & Pilots. I know this because I belonged to the International Order of Masters, Mates and Pilots which was an officers union, not a seaman's card for Llewyn Lewis. If this movie was a metaphor for the folk scene, then I am very happy that I was on the very far edges of that scene
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sub mediocre in every way

By menster1
Written December 09, 2013
This was a case of critics darlings the Coen bros taking a big dump of a movie, and everyone buys into it because it's The Big Lebowski, Fargo..etc.. guys.. The music was a boring , cliched,mediocre facsimile of 60's folk music. The movie suggests that the protagonist's music is authentic and earthy and invites the viewer to look down on the more commercial folk that was around at the time. Too bad the songs and performance don't hold up ..the entire premise of the movie becomes offensive. T bone Burnett the resident "expert" on Americana ..another critic darling who now phones it in ,should be ashamed ..The characters and acting were in general overdone, and unsympathetic to degree that the story felt pointless and contrived. And the final "guest performer" (I won't spoil it)..please ! ! ! I want my 14.50 back
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Very depressing.

By Sallyloper
Written December 15, 2013
I was looking forward to see a nostalgic movie about the '60s, but this film was very depressing. Indeed, it never showed the enormous vitality or idealism of the period -- the civil rights protests, etc. It is a film about a "loser," with not much of a plot. If you like folk music, you will enjoy the music. You can feel some empathy for the actor who starred in it; his musical partner committed suicice, and who has unresolved grief about him. Wouldn't recommend it. No more Coen brothers ' movies for me. Don't trust the reviews.
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A Good Movie From Great Directors

By thomdreeves
Written December 09, 2013
'Inside Llewyn Davis' is a beautiful film. Oscar Isaac gives an amazing performance as the struggling folk singer, his emotions taking over the screen and his music captivating the theater with each note. The journey is a reflective and depressing one, but it all feels very real - therein lies the beauty. Where I think this film struggles (where the Coen's films usually don't) is in the supporting characters and the interactions with those characters. Not many lasting impressions are made, other than that of Llewyn's talent and hard work being rewarded only by a mundane existence. There are some fun/funny moments throughout but nothing strong enough to be recalled, even immediately, which I think is a lose for any film. Other than the intensely emotional or down, mood-driven scenes, most of the body of this film gets buried by the end. A bit of a change in tone while still using some of the same formula for the Coen brothers here. Not the worst. Not the best.
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If you have nothing better to do...

By JoeZim
Written December 14, 2013
If you have nothing better to do, see this movie. I kind of wish I would have stayed home and organized my silverware drawer. That would have held my interest more than this new Coen brothers movie.
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