• Released
  • October 8, 2010
  • (Limited NY 10/8; Expands LA 10/15)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 45 min
  • Documentary

Inside Job Best documentary thus far

By moviiebuff
Written November 06, 2010
I would suggest that all colleges show this documentary to their students. It would be a lesson well worth understanding. America needs to see how easily it was for our world to go tumbling down. From prosperous to paupers! How a few people can pull the strings of American's minds and wallets? The fact that people can even start blaming Clinton for the 8 years of the Bush administration is mind blowing. Why not George Washington? Let's face the music!! We place people in position either in politic or finance who have no moral. I will even go to say that some of these people have sociopathic tendency because as far as I am concerned, in order to do to an other human been what some of these bankers/politicians/Maddox of the world have done to million’s, you simply cannot comprehend that anyone with conscience could possibly do this to millions of Americans. Shame on them and shame on us for being so gullible
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The most important film I've seen.

Written November 04, 2010
I see so many movies but I was truly moved by this documentary film. The afternoon audience in LA burst into applause at the end of the film. This might be the MOST important film I've seen all year. God save America please from these Wall Street CROOKS who have yet to be convicted by any party for their CRIMES against humanity. They have infiltrated every area of our government and higher education. I feel sad that neither Republican or Democrat has brought punishment to these CRIMINALS. God help us all.
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OK documentary

By yabbadabbamoo
Written November 01, 2010
A good job of researching and assigning deserved blame to "globalization" and the Bush administration. Blatant absence of blame assigned to Clinton, Frank and Dodd who initiated much of the fraud. Somewhat of a hack job - like a 60 Minutes interview but for over an hour.
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Disturbing material presented straightforwardly

By suzan_with_a_z
Written November 27, 2010
This film is a good old-fashioned documentary, not a Michael Moore polemic. Don't get me wrong--I like Moore's gonzo style, and almost wish he'd done this flick, since then it would have been viewed by more people. The showing I attended seemed to have an audience consisting mainly of economic policy wonks, who walked in already knowing most of the outrageous story they were about to see narrated on-screen. This should be required viewing for Tea Party types who are angry at the wrong people. BTW, Pres. Obama comes off looking very bad here. He rehired the (mainly Republican) Wall Street foxes to guard the henhouse they'd just finished looting. If you doubt this, go see the film. Will anyone ever take these bankers on?
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Inside Job

By lavila18911
Written November 07, 2010
Charles Ferguson lays out the underpinnings of the world financial crisis. He does it with TV film footage, interviews, etc. It is fascinating, and horrifying, to watch how the bankers and investment houses, in cahoots with the "world-class" economists from our leading universities, robbed the public and how the US government has continued to support these crooks.
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