A young man fears that he may be the architect of his own destruction in this mind-bending thriller from director Allen Wolf. Marcus' (Philip Winchester) terror begins when he inexplicably wakes up half-naked in a cemetery late one night, with no recollection of the events that led up to his arrival there. He learns that he actually suffers from a rare disorder known as parasomnia, which causes him to engage in bizarre behavior during his sleep that he cannot remember the next day. His life takes a rather grisly turn when he wakes up one morning covered in blood, with a knife at his side -- and then learns that his best friend's wife was just stabbed to death. Uncertain if he might have done this himself to cover up a long-buried secret between himself and the victim, or if someone is setting him up as the fall guy in a murder plot, Marcus vows to track his own after-dark activities. Life grows even more bizarre when several strange phone calls roll in, and suggest to Marcus that someone may be watching or following him. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

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