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Written March 26, 2013
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Be Brave Be Patient

By dogtar
Written July 22, 2007
If you are a fan of fresh and challenging filmaking then make the effort to see Inland Empire. It is quite long and sometimes feels slow. However, it is a dimension altering experience.
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Lynch at his Lynchiest

By cbreiding
Written July 24, 2007
Not since "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me" has any Lynch fan expected to find easily digestible story resolutions in a Lynch movie, and "Inland Empire" is no exception. In fact, this is his most impenetrable film yet, and is why it should not be missed. The first thing you notice is that it's shot on consumer-grade video, which, with any other film maker, would be a signal to get out of the theater as quickly as possible. With Lynch, however, this portends something like a gathering storm. Indeed he keeps you glued to your seat with humor, foreboding, surreality, and, at times, terror (I literally screamed when "scary clown face" flashed on-screen.) You will undoubtedly leave the theater scratching your head, and any attempt at rational dissection is futile. See the movie, experience the movie, and let it seep into your subconscious--and maybe you, too, someday, will meet the rabbits.
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By muchtoyoung
Written July 23, 2007
Way out there with Mulhollund Dr. If you're not a Lynch fan, you might not enjoy it as much. But it's a trip, nonetheless.
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a true masterpiece

By corntortillas
Written July 25, 2007
film is art, and this film is definitely that. "cheese is made from milk. do you get it?"
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