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Written March 26, 2013
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a true masterpiece

By corntortillas
Written July 25, 2007
film is art, and this film is definitely that. "cheese is made from milk. do you get it?"
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Inland Empire in the theatre

By Anamorphosis
Written July 22, 2007
This must be seen in the theatre! One of the many aspects to the film is like a perception in or from a theatre with the actress living a live role in a parallel realtime movie. Still absorbing this film like I can't believe. GO!
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By Evil4Good
Written July 26, 2007
You never really know what David Lynch will throw at you; INLAND EMPIRE is 3 hours long but I left fulfullied with what Lynch did. The film was absolutely fragmented, NON-linear and 'where'd the heck did that come from?' and 'what does that have to do with anything?' but it's all left to interpretaion and always openended. Like in 'Mulholland Drive' there is one scene that is tragic yet so beautiful in INLAND EMPIRE-A beautiful collage of images and thoughts that linger long after you leave the theatre.
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By pahdonky
Written April 23, 2007
tah dah.....expect to be challenged....expect to be exhausted.....must be seen in the theater....must must.......
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