INKHEART - hits its mark - left a indelible impression. Grade: B-Plus.

Written January 21, 2009
January 20th. - I just attended the advance press preview of this movie adaptation of Cornelia Funke's novel. Brendan Fraser is back after starring in last summer's Journey to the Center of the Earth and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Yet again, he is in another kids-friendly movie - but this time the movie has more substance and better quality production compared to the afore-mentioned two movies. I have not read Ms. Funke's novel - so, I had no expectations - except that I really enjoyed this 1hr 45minutes fantasy tale laden with special effects. However, I was informed that there were almost a dozen differences plot-wise between the novel and the movie - and that a few characters were newly-created for the movie but did not appear in the novel. Good performances by the cast - Brendan Fraser, Helen Mirren, Jim Broadbent, Paul Bettany, Eliza Bennet, Andy Serkis, etc. VERDICT: Go see it! A rollicking fun adventure - recommended for the entire family.
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About Inkheart

By kodabibbles
Written January 01, 2009
I've read the book, and can say it's one of the best books. In Inkheart there will be a trilogy. There are some violent parts, like there's a huge monster made from, it looks like volcanic ashes and fire. In the book there's a guy named Basta who swears a lot, but since the movie is rated PG it shouldn't be heard. Ashley
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By tapsoccer24
Written January 19, 2009
Inkheart was captivating, magical, a book i will read again and again! I can't wait to see the movie, i hope it is as good as the book!!! Also if you read the first book than you will love the second book Inkspell it is even better than the first book in Inkspell they go into the ink world the also fight vilins and save slaves from the grip of a horrible person how they do is interesting but the real shocker is at the end with Dustfinger what happens to him well i can't tell you!!! There is also romance with maggie, you will meet dusterfingers wife, and read how fernoglio can make anything happen in the book with maggies vioce but read on and see how his plains back fire and how destiny has its own way of planning things out!!!! I cant wait to read Inkdeath!!!!!
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By lissababy
Written August 15, 2008
Super duper good book(: I loved it, suspensful, mysterious, and funny at times. EXTRA good. The movie will probably be as good. I mean, it's Brenden Fraser! Ahah, the Mummy movies were a hit, so there are high chances this will be, too. Good book + good actors = great movie! xD Hope this helps(:
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By tinyt
Written December 01, 2007
You must watch this movie it will change the way you think about movies!!!!!!
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