Inherent Vice Synopsis
In 1970, drug-fueled Los Angeles detective Larry "Doc" Sportello investigates the disappearance of a former girlfriend.
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inherent vice

By joelrosenberg
I'm a longtime fan of Paul Thomas Anderson for his evocations of my home town of Los Angeles (where I'm currently visiting on vacation) and he has entered new territory with this amazing concoction of...

Incoherent Vice

By rcuadrado
This has to be the worse movie of 2014 or in my opinion a steaming pile of dookie! I would like the 2 hours and a half of my life back if possible....

I want my 2-hours back!!!

By bradleyaharris
At the onset, this movie lost me. For whatever reason I gave it the benefit of the doubt considering the great cast. What a bloody mistake in my part. For the one that titled 'WOW' for their review;...

worst movie!

By tayler88
After watching it for over an hour and a half, I still don't know what this movie was about other than drinking and drugs! Save your money and your time!...

Incoherent Inherent Vice

By emperorschild
Fairly unintelligable - any 1/2 hour segment of the movie would be enough...

inherently refreshing

By bkjohnson1985
This movie isn't meant to be a deep psychological thriller so those expecting a perfect plot and explanation are not paying attention to the title and content. Set around a Private Detective who...

Chill out!

By ilfedsikofit
I thought this movie was absolutely brilliant. The casting & performances were oddball and hilarious, full of tiny awesome choices. The story had the noir plot line of Chandler or Hammet. Lots of...


By vacheviolette
I tried to sit through this entire movie since I had paid for it, I never quite knew what was happening, the cuts are so often and every sentence is a riddle. My husband and I left after 2 hours (with...

Martin Short was highlight of the movie!

By m3trooper
What may have been an interesting script and concept, did not translate into an enjoyable or even a slightly entertaining movie. People started to actually walk out toward the end of the movie!...

Nothing happens!!!!

By tribecarules
Quite simply this movie breaks every rule in the book by talking about everything and showing nothing. Nothing happens. Every scene is two people telling each other details that you never see. More...

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Rated R | For for drug use throughout, sexual content, graphic nudity, language and some violence
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Common Sense Media says Frustrating but fascinating drama has drugs, sex, language.
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