Must Go If.....

By jetman100
Written September 07, 2009
Alright guys....The movie is fiction......ok!!!!....and for you XBOX360 generations who never bothered to learn how to read in school.....shut up!!! I don't care if you can't read and don't like subtitles. The scenes that Tarantino created in this movie are intense, the acting was incredible, the story line very entertaining. I really loved this movie. You have to understand that I read the reviews that other movie goer's had left and it made me very hesitant to go. This movie was engrossing from the beginning (you XBOXERS can look that up) I was very surprised to come out of there was a really good flick. Basterds is a dialogue driven movie, highlighted with less then expected, over the top, violence! So in a nutshell, if you can't read, can't comprehend the proper syntax of the American alphabet or are looking for continuous Halo like first person shooter gratification, I suggest staying at home and playing with your mouse. The movie rocked..
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Inglorious Basterds

By chuchunezbie
Written August 21, 2009
Number 6. Classic Tarentino? NO. Brilliant? YES. This is not a WWII version of Kill Bill in any way. It is, however, loaded with brilliant, Tarantino-esque dialogue. He is one of the greatest, most influential writers on the planet, and this movie proves it. Might I also mention that the cinematography and camera direction is beyond brilliant. If this movie doesn't get recognized for anything else in the oscars, it will most certainly be recognized for cinematography and art direction! No recognition for Christopher Waltz would also be absurd. He was perfect, and terrifying. Although it was only on screen, I felt shivers when I saw him (even with his first appearance). This is a movie I will have to see a few more times to understand the full intention, but what else is new with a Tarantino film. Overall, this is not Pulp Fiction, but that doesn't mean it's not a masterpiece. It just means that Tarantino has dominated a new genre.
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By Harryiswhere
Written August 17, 2009
This Movie Will Make The Hit With Brad Pit Because Lots Of People Love Brad Pitt Just Like Megan Fox Or If Like Jhonny Depp Or Hannah Montana Stars In A Movie I'll Get Lots Of Cash So I Think This Will Be A Great Movie But Seems Close To Public Enemies And Even Though Brad t Pitt Is In It I Think I'll Be Good
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This movie is some Nazi-killin' hotsauce

By BrianG_80
Written August 23, 2009
Wow... Inglorious Basterds was, well... glorious. If you're looking for the History Channel documentary on the struggle against the Nazis in WW2... look elsewhere. If you hate Tarrantino's style and can't sit through another one of his movies... look elsewhere. If you're looking for a quiet flick to take your grandmother to after church... look elsewhere. If you're looking for a phenomenally well done, well cast movie with Tarrantino's fingerprint all over it, then watch out, because it's about to beat your brains out with a baseball bat.
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By adendos
Written August 23, 2009
I walked out of this movie half way through. I am an ex vet that saw every evil in combat imagineable, so its not that I cant take gross scenes. What I found repulsive is that the world has sunk to a level where evil is used and accepted as entertainment. As society becomes conditioned to this, we sink to deeper elvels of immorailty to get a kick. C'mon, lets focus on happy, life giving and uplifting entertainment, not evil filth that should be left where it belongs - on the battlefield.
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