By morris3272
Written August 26, 2009
The movie started off good but the entire middle of the movie was so boring and there were so many subtitles i couldnt eve look at the screen anymore. theres a whole hour straight in the movie with no english. The end was awesome and so was brad pitt. Whenever he was in the movie it was great to watch. The problem is that he's hardly in the movie. If u think you can somehow forget about the whole middle of the movie after watching it then go see it.
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inglourious basterds

By rosebudkathy
Written August 25, 2009
It stunk it was the worst movie we seen all year. I can't believe Brad Pitt would even be in this awful movie. No academy award for him he played a dim wit. The movie was bloody and gruesom
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WWII Tarantino's style

By jdm91
Written September 15, 2009
If you're a WWII history buff or a stickler for facts, don't see this movie! Quentin Tarantino rewrites the end of WWII but that is just a minor footnote in this movie. After so many of Tarantino's tributes to the 70's genre, you may be surprised at the accuracy and detail of his WWII-era occupied France. But with each scene, you realize that he is putting his own spin on things. Brad Pitt clearly has a blast as 1LT Aldo Raine, leader of the of Basterds, a Kentucky raised son of an Italian immigrant and Apache Indian (no kidding!). Although he is one of the supporting characters, his performance makes you wish there were more scenes of just Raine and his Basterds. In typical Tarantino fashion, the characters are so unique and interesting that their horribly violent actions seem not only acceptable but even comical. Only Tarantino could make an audience laugh at a man being beaten to death with a bat. Definitely not for kids! Be prepared to have a great time with this film!
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that's one bad movie

By moviefan567
Written September 01, 2009
It is perhaps Brad Pitt's worst role ever. Brad Pitt here and Brad Pitt on the red carpet - the same acting, the same poses, the same face expression, no difference, very bad acting and huge EGO. The film itself is, well, stupid: The Nazis throughout the film are portrayed as so clever, so powerful, so this and that, and then at the end of the film they are suddenly the opposite. it was just absurd and not at all convincing. Tarantino did some serious jewish a** kissing with this film, it seems. The only good thing about this film is Christoph Waltz. His acting is superb, simply amazing.
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Awesome!! Go see it! Classic Tarantino.

By bslo
Written August 21, 2009
This movie was awesome!! Its the first time we've seen Tarantino do a historical movie so it has a slightly different feel than his others but overall it still classic Tarantino. Its not quite as stylized as Kill Bill but equal to it i think.. Less action than Kill Bill or Death Proof... Very violent but as usual its all in good fun. Excellent cast and acting. It has the usual twists and turns, dialogue, dark humor, ect.... The people who wrote bad reviews about it or didn't get it are idiots and have no business watching real artistic cinema in the first place. They should stick to romantic comedy crap or kids movies... Great time at the movies!! GO!!
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