Back to the good ol' days of QT

By ferran275
Written August 18, 2009
From someone who has seen it, I'd say, don't go in there expecting action all the way around, but go in expecting great build-ups that really pay off for the wait, and I think that's why people love Tarantino so much, the reason movie's like this one have staying power is because things happen so fast that you might have, and probably did, miss something and you WANT to go back in and see it again, I've always loved that about QT.
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Worse Movie so far this year

By Ivonne44
Written August 26, 2009
I kept waiting for the movie to get better. But it never did. Too long with the worse ending.
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A delightful movie of revenge

By jameon
Written August 30, 2009
Ever wonder what if Hitler and his cohorts got theirs and how would it happen? This delightlful movie explores such a possibility. Set during one of my favorite times in history to learn about, WWII, the Basterds are diabolically funny, violent and precise in carrying out their mission. Brad Pitt is wonderful in his role as their commanding officer and Christopher Waltz is brilliant as the SS officer who gets on everybody's nerves and kept coming back like a bad cold. The subtitles did not make the movie less than what it should be. Hearing French and German spoken throughout the film gave it the authencity it needed for where the story was set. Kudos to Quentin Tarantino for giving audiences who closely follow the events of this time in history the satisfaction of seeing the end of the Third Reich.
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Tarantino+Pitt=Best Movie of a lousy summer

By Hitch112
Written August 20, 2009
I must admit, I am a huge Tarantino fan but not a huge fan of Brad Pitt. However, the combination pays dividens in the long run and has culminated into this great film. In a summer of cheap remakes and sequels this stands alone as a truly great film. As for Christoph Waltz's performence, I would need to write a seperate review for that. Truly inspiring.
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Haven't seen it but...

By rachel_renegade
Written July 07, 2009
Ive read the screenplay multiple times, and needless to say it is superior to everything except Pulp Fiction. I have followed this movie from the first rumors and it is now less than two months away from the release date. Inglourious Basterds is the Grindhouse version of Valkyrie, and it will not disappoint. And i want my scalps!
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