INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS - WUNDERBAR!!! Rating: 93 out of 100. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Written July 03, 2016
IG - screenwritten/directed by Quentin Tarantino - is a 2.5hr war-fantasy movie set in an alternate history WWII. This engaging mesmerizing movie stars Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Eli Roth, Melanie Kruger, Tilman Valentin Schweiger, Michael Fassbender, Gedeon Burkhard, B.J. Novak - a EXCELLENT cast! I was captivated by the direction and especially by the characters that were cheesily caricatured. The lines spoken by the characters were at times hilariously humorous but instantly identifiable as coming from Quentin Tarantino. Mike Myers also had a part in the movie - he was almost unrecognizable under heavy make-up. The best performance has to go to Christoph Waltz for his Oscar-worthy portrayal of the 'Jew Hunter' - the diabolical polite yet sinister Standartenführer Hans Landa. I have to say that IG is the best movie that I've seen all year so far. I will definitely watch it again. VERDICT: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. A MUST SEE! Excellent soundtrack. Solid A Grade.
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Another home run for Tarentino!

By The_Government
Written June 06, 2009
Thank you, Uncle Quintin for giving us this film! The trailer says that you don't know war until you've seen it by Q.T. and brother, they aren't lying! A delicious mix of action, witty dialouge, and that dark comedy element that we all love Tarentino's work for. It's a great piece of fiction from start to finish, and anyone who complains about the historical accuracy or attitude of the film has MISSED THE POINT! Do not come to this film with the same mindset you may while watching 'Saving Private Ryan.' The soundtrack is wonderful! Featuring such a great mix of song and period, it really pulls you into the feature. I wouldn't recommend this film for anyone under 20 due to the content. It is a HARD R rating to be sure (See; the second Torture Scene) bringing' a young fella to this film should NOT happen, and if you do decide to bring a child to this one, you have only yourself to blame if he takes a ball peen hammer to his friends. This is a great film!
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Not what you think...but still damn good

By thepaschall
Written August 06, 2009
Check it I just got out of a screening of this movie at USC and it is not what the trailers make it seem. There is some action (mostly at the end that is awesome) but for the most part but it is more of a story about character development...Christoph Waltz is AWESOME he owned when he was on screen and Brad Pitt was...well...Brad Pitt...above average. A few scenes were a bit long but I can understand why. Diane Krueger was slackin...her role couldve been cut and the movie still wouldve been fine..everyone should still go and see it though it is totally worth it.
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By igo2thamovies2
Written August 24, 2009
I saw this movie with realy high expectations. I have loved quentin tarantino films all my life. Pulp fiction and resorvoir dogs were top 10 in my favorite movies so naturally i thought this movie would blow my mind. and i was right. Although i know most people will disagree with me, In my opinion I see this picture as Tarantino's best film. The direction was superb and the acting by the cast was outstanding. Go see this movie asap.
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Oh Well

By icedragonslair
Written August 08, 2009
I have seen this and most are correct, this is more a character story, and seems more a very loosely adapted remake of Robert Aldrich's Dirty Dozen than anything else. At least that movie gave credit to the E.M. Nathanson novel and a brilliant Heller & Johnson screenplay. This one seems to shallow to be anything but a QT waste of time. Many have stated this is better than all but Pulp Fiction. As the only decent QT film, this is not saying much. I find his films poorly done at best and just downright bad otherwise, so why should this be any different? I'm not one for hollow writing/directing no matter how good the actor is, and no director should ever get credit for actors pulling a film out of the gutter, which seems to be QT's way. There was a spark of hope in Pulp Fiction, but the script he wrote was so good it surprised even me, but QT used it as a stepping stone to create a menagerie of mediocrity. he should really have stuck to writing and left directing to those that can.
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