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Inferno Synopsis
When Robert Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Dr. Sienna Brooks, and together they must race across Europe against the clock to foil a deadly global plot."
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Too much time on effects and managing locations

By Citizen Sane
This was my least favorite of the three movies. It seemed like the producers spent more time managing the locations like Istanbul (which I am sure was tough with Erdogan issues) and Italy. Not...

If you read the book, dont see the movie

By pbuzzette
Seriously disappointed with the inconsistencies between the two, especially the ending....

Inferno review

By rooneymik
Chaotic is the best way to describe this movie....


By mdavidtillman
Engaging, entertaining, & exciting with a touch of good & bad romance. Better than the 2nd, almost as good as the 1st & the only bad causality is a piece of ceiling art...

been wanting for this movie.

By heatherwarner77

Inferno no bueno!

By weirdwandamcnut
I had high hopes as I've enjoyed previous movies and books. But this movie fell short. Too much information compressed which caused a convoluted psychedelic story line hard to understand. Hanks...

Ron Howard and Dan Brown sold out

By donarcher2
The film made Zobrist a terrible menace who wanted to kill one half earth's population and they were able to thwart the inferno threat. However, in the book, the Inferno plague was released and made...


By ronaldgerwig
Not my favorite Tom Hanks performance. I thought the trailer was a rushed piece, but then the movie unfortunately followed suit. The storyline was confusing, and every scene had Tom Hanks blurting...

Hollow Shell of a movie

By christopherjmccarty
This movie severely disappointed me. Plot was convoluted, Acting was all over the place, and camera was a little too wobbly. Tom hanks is in it, so that's a plus....

By ksen1211
Original ending was so much better....

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Rated PG-13
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Common Sense Media says Violence, nightmarish imagery in dull Dan Brown thriller.
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