By lugubriousthespian
Written March 02, 2009
If CAPOTE was the more intelligent, historically accurate representation of the life of writer Truman Capote as he became emotionally involved in the lives of two desperate men convicted of four senseless murders in rural Kansas in the late 1950s , then INFAMOUS is certainly the more luridly fanciful take on the same material.Toby Jones was born to play this icon. Not only does he look and sound amazingly like the man himself, but he imbues his performance with far much more effete flair than Hoffman did in CAPOTE. Whether or not Capote ever became sexually involved with the seemingly more remorseful of the two ( played wonderfully by Daniel Craig in a pre-Bond role ) I suppose we will never know for certain, but with Douglas McGrath's spin on basically the same storyline, we definitely get a few more gratuitous tidbits. Another sterling ensemble includes Sandra Bullock in one of her finest, most nuanced performances to date as the grounded Harper Lee, Jeff Daniels and Gwyneth Paltrow.
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By Marie_movier
Written December 29, 2007
Excellent movie, but NOT a MUST GO.
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