Inequality for All Synopsis
Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich discusses the grave implications of increasing income disparity.
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Not an epic - but a very important message

By jleddon1234
If you are going to a movie to see deep drama, spectacular special effects film or cliff hanging action - don't see this movie! If you are going to get a well packaged view of the wealth/poverty...


By bargraft
A wonderful opportunity to educate yourself on the plutocracy this economy has become. Turn off the corporate media lies and deception and get the truth from an advocate for the working person....


By Irene4486
Very information. I've lived through a lot of the phases he presents, and when weaved together I understand why I couldn't make progress. Less buying power--less opportunity--many of us can relate!...

Inequality For All

By Goer2
Excellent!!! Brilliant analysis of how we got into the financial shape that our country is in, and good advice about what can be done about it....

Learn why we are in the hole

By scottcpdt
Need to understand how we got to this state of affairs in the economy? Why it is that the rich get insanely richer while the rest of us get to foot the bills? "Inequality for All" paints an...

Inequality, indeed

By clyde10
A must see movie that hardly anybody has seen!! Just reinforced my desire to throw up whenever I hear some 'fat cat' claim to be a 'job creator' who pays 20% less taxes than I do and who creates...

Spread the word

By susanscrupski
I was somewhat stunned that only myself and one other person showed up to see this film. Perhaps they do not have much of a marketing budget. All the more reason to get people into the theaters via...


By tedrpoli
Hated to have the movie end, was so informative and presented in an entertaining way that stimulated your thoughts about the economy and the how and why it works. This is a great film for anyone who...

Great documentary that links current events in the US with long-term trends in inequality

By alanproctor
Good graphics too, well made and edited, and in parts quite funny. Much of the charm is that Robert Reich, now a Berkeley prof, a former Labor Secretary under Clinton (and personal FOB) doesn't take...

Absolutely Stunning

By emilyodermatt
Great aesthetic work with overlaying the charts showing the different contributing factors and/or myths. Very dynamic. I appreciate the cut outs to his class. Smart use of historical clips,...

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Rated PG | For thematic elements, language, some violence and smoking images
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Common Sense Media says Engaging economics docu encourages equality, activism.
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