Indiana Jones and the Kindom of the Crystal Skull (MUST GO)

By brud
Written May 20, 2008
Fantastic movie! It's 10 years later and Professor Jones, Jr. is forced to take a break and go on vacation. The soviets of 1957 are the arch enemy, especially a psych *****. Teaching the same class for 30+ (?) years can take it's toll. I'm not going to give it away like some folks do in spoiler, but I will tell you it is not of this World. The Soviets' are after the skull(s) as well thinking the last crystal skull will bring enormous power. Not so, but enough to make a few escapes. No Sean Connery unfortunately (I guess that would have made hime about 80 years old). Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood back again for this fourth installment to the Jones legacy and I hear another one is coming next yr. Shia LaBeouf her son named Henry III, born mos after their their breakup in "Raiders ... Lost Arc" (1981), the first installment. Be prepared for giant ants, crumbling skeletons, dart shooting natives and an extremely exciting movie. Crystal Skull beats all previous Jones' movies by far!
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viewd Pre-screening

By JW in OKC
Written May 19, 2008
Classic indy action...Harrision Ford still holds his own...bringing back his past love was refreshing as opposed to pairing him with someone 25 years younger. Story line lacked a bit in depth but the kids will love it. Overall picutre production with special effects very realistic.... not washed up with heavy CGI. GO SEE JUST FOR FUN!
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Action packed Indy returns, great story and a definite Go!

By elibutton
Written May 23, 2008
I thought this movie was pretty good in regards to the return of Indiana Jones. It brought back some good memories from the past Indys with the stunts, action, and acheological mystique and storyline. Some parts may remind you of Back to the Future as well as National Treasure. Shia LaBeouf doesn't "overdo it" in his acting performance as he usually does which makes it a more pleasant blend between him and Harrison Ford. It was great to see Karen Allen's character back (Marion) as well, although it's been so long since the last Indiana Jones you may not be able to recall their relationship's dynamics. The scenes and sets were done in typcial Lucas / Speilberg fashion - - big, bold, and glamorous. Cate Blanchett also did a great job playing the Russian villan, a definite GO for this movie if you're fan of Indiana Jones and action movies.
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Another great movie Franchise RUINED by George Lucas

By xorianx
Written August 07, 2014
Lucas, I want my money back! Thats two apologies you owe me now. One for the cataclysmic disaster called the Phantom Menace and another for this 185-million-dollar- digital-TURD called indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
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what american film is meant to be

By dr.jones
Written May 08, 2008
gun slinging indiana jones will never go old. it is a reason to start going to the movies again. for the first time in a fifth of a decade, the greatest american hero will sport the hat once again and embark on an adventure beyond our wildest imaginations. i strongly suggest going to this movie so you can tell your kids you were there.
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