Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Synopsis
Indiana Jones races the Soviets for a mystical crystal skull.
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Indiana Jones and the Kindom of the Crystal Skull (MUST GO)

By brud
Fantastic movie! It's 10 years later and Professor Jones, Jr. is forced to take a break and go on vacation. The soviets of 1957 are the arch enemy, especially a psych *****. Teaching the same class...

viewd Pre-screening

By JW in OKC
Classic indy action...Harrision Ford still holds his own...bringing back his past love was refreshing as opposed to pairing him with someone 25 years younger. Story line lacked a bit in depth but...

Action packed Indy returns, great story and a definite Go!

By elibutton
I thought this movie was pretty good in regards to the return of Indiana Jones. It brought back some good memories from the past Indys with the stunts, action, and acheological mystique and...

Another great movie Franchise RUINED by George Lucas

By xorianx
Lucas, I want my money back! Thats two apologies you owe me now. One for the cataclysmic disaster called the Phantom Menace and another for this 185-million-dollar- digital-TURD called indiana...

what american film is meant to be

By dr.jones
gun slinging indiana jones will never go old. it is a reason to start going to the movies again. for the first time in a fifth of a decade, the greatest american hero will sport the hat once again...

You can't go wrong with Indy

By Chief 117
Looks like an awesome film, can't wait. I'm a huge Indiana Jones fan and I'm excited to see Harrison Ford back as the adventurer/archeologist. Sure to be a hit....


By ChrisCortez-Maldonado
Hello my name is Chris Cortez and from working on the new indy film when it shot in CT, I gotta say, this looks to be the biggest, baddest, and most explosive indy yet. Fans beware, the chase scenes...


By austin364
this movie looks sooooooooooooooooooo cool...


By NickIGS
Harrison Ford is spectacular and this series i Love If you have liked the rest of the series this is the movie for you See you at the movies =D...

Box Office Favorite

By Daydream
I had high hopes for this movie, not only because I am a previous Indiana Jones fan, but because of the huge names put into this movie (Lucas, Spielberg, Ford, Blanchett...just to name a few). The new...

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Rated PG-13 | For adventure violence and scary images
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Common Sense Media says Fourth Indy isn't perfect, but it's fun for series fans.
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