Independence Day Double Feature Synopsis
“They messed with the wrong planet”—but we’re not messing around with this special INDEPENDENCE DAY double feature, only on Thursday, June 23rd.

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Double Feature

By jdhc93312
The 1st Independence Day still is a wonderful movie I watch it over an over. The new Independence Day was disappointing I had no idea who the main character was. There is a love interest but never...

Classic movie - sequel delivers

By mamablay

We had a really good time!

By martinmaaskh

movie is awesome

By pelaezstefy
I do love the movie it was amazing to watch the first part again since it has been a while I didn't remember much of the movie I loved the second part was incredible...

Extraneous Day

By mdaly65
Let's see how many characters and story lines we can cram into two hours. It won't matter that each is as shallow as pond water, because Hey! Explosions and Aliens! And enough apple pie to smother...

Independance Day Resurgence

By riordan1998
The Special effects were very good, the alien queen especially, and the action kept the audience on their seats, but Independance Day Resurgence was missing something. I don't think anyone really...

If Independence Day: Resurgence had hit theaters inside of the universe the film takes place in, I'd root for the Aliens.

By zackegwin
This movie flaunts that its expensive, unconcerned that it might be worthless. This movie adorns itself in the CG made with computers that are so sentient that the human cast must have realized they...

Independence Day Resurgence

By tesuprise
The original Independence Day had more heart and had more to do with the relationships of the characters. This movie seems geared to the Xbox generation. At times being more an Alien film and less...

By betty0125felix
First time doing a double showing. We really enjoyed it! Great experience ....

Lacking plot

By barker7
There was barely a plot. Action was cool, I guess, but a clear storyline would have been nice....

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