It's another Schlindler's List

By dcgan9
Written December 01, 2015
This movie reminded me of Schlindler's List of Jews desperately looking for means of survival.. You could feel the dampness, the stench, the fear of people living in this dark hell to survive until the final liberation by the Russians. It is a pity that Socha had to died in a tragic accident.I wonder what I would have done in such a circunstance. It is a story of the human spirit, though with a different motive at the beginning and rose to a nobler one at the end. So, I do like this film and it was well done with realistic acting.
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In Darkness

By otustani
Written June 26, 2016
Not just a Holocaust movie, but also a depiction of all sides of the human character, both good and bad.
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In Darkness

By jwagman
Written June 28, 2016
One of the most harrowing experiences I have ever had in the movies. A great story told with great cinematic prowess. Not for the fainthearted.
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In Darkness review

By pgranholm
Written March 04, 2012
This is a movie that leaves you changed. Go see it!
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Amazing true story

By Hamstergrl
Written March 19, 2012
Intense and moving, it was great to learn about the true story of a sewer worker stepping up to help Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland.
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