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very very well done

By enstuart
Written July 19, 2010
The person I saw the movie with gave it the best compliment. He thought it must have been adapted from a book because the story was so coherent. I agree. It was extremely well written and very well acted and directed. I never read reviews of science fiction movies until after I see the movie because critics invariably tell you too much about the story and only rarely figure out what is important in the movie. This movie avoids making the most serious error a sci-fi movie can make: It avoids confusing science fiction with science fantasy. Good science fiction takes a premise, in this case that a third party can have access to your dreams, and then shows you the real world as though that premise were true. Despite several intricate and overlapping story lines, this movie never loses its way. A plausible reason exists for everything that happens within the parameters of the story. This movie is a meld of Dreamscape and Dark City, but far superior to either one. Bravo
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Move over Avatar: Inception's Special Effects leave you in the dust!

By DelightfulDebra
Written August 15, 2010
The premise of Inception is a unique one: specially trained people can insert ideas in your head while you sleep, or probe your subconscious to extract desired information. And here's the kicker: although I didn't buy the premise for one second, I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie! The special effects are the best I have ever seen. I found the movie exciting, engrossing, and intelligent. I appreciated the deviation from the standard formulaic action fare. The protagonist and the young female did NOT have to experience any sexual tension. The characters were smart, dedicated to the mission, and protective of one another. Michael Caine was a surprise and a delight. And I loved the ending!
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Visually stunning and Ambitious. Doesn't dumb down the audience.

By Cavatica
Written July 17, 2010
This is the second Chris Nolan film I've walked out of saying "Wow!" repeatedly. It honestly feels like something his brother, Johnathan would have written (like Memento). The great thing about Inception (and Nolan) is that it doesn't try to dumb down anything for the audience. The concepts are explained, yes, but the audience is expected to keep up after that. As a result, Inception could warrant a second (or even third) viewing to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. This is a great Ensemble film. The movie feels like an Ocean's Eleven or a well written Mission: Impossible episode. Every member has something to offer here, with Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt being the major standouts. Even Michael Caine and Cillian Murphy add some great touches. Overall, though, the story is carried by Leonardo DiCaprio (and Marion Cotillard, to some degree). Through the course of their mission - to enter someone's dream and implant an idea - you worry about the characters.
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Thank you to all Inception talents...

Written July 24, 2010
...for seeing your audience as intelligent,wanting to spend our money on something worthwhile, and not needy for gratuitous sex,nudity,blood,gore,vile language ETC ! I have seen this movie 4times now. Partly to have it all clear in my mind,partly to figure out what the end meant and MOSTLY to drink in the creativity and talent of all involved. DiCaprio is just incredible to me,although this may not be his widest range film,he is perfect as Cobb. Page is just the right blend of novice and ingenuity,Hardy ,smart and dashing and Levitt is untouchable in any work he does.And Murphy totally shocked me with the emotions conveyed in his expressions,he had alot of feelings to deal with here.Other actors are great,these just seemed more noteworthy.The Score...oh man...a character unto itself. Team these up with Nolan's 10 years of putting together this innovative and just within our reach premise.....we have here fan friends the movie of the decade,in my humble opinion.
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great movie

By diet pepsi
Written January 26, 2012
wow what an exciting fun thrilling adventure i had when i saw this movie it was just so good i loved it one of the best of 2010 so mutch fun it was about a man who has an imaginary world outside of his own world and his miind takes control of him and he has to wake up fromn his dream and save the entire world from distruction and it is just an all out blast
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