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Inception Synopsis
Christopher Nolan's sci-fi thriller centers on the premise of corporate espionage by way of dream invasion.
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very very well done

By enstuart
The person I saw the movie with gave it the best compliment. He thought it must have been adapted from a book because the story was so coherent. I agree. It was extremely well written and very...

Move over Avatar: Inception's Special Effects leave you in the dust!

By DelightfulDebra
The premise of Inception is a unique one: specially trained people can insert ideas in your head while you sleep, or probe your subconscious to extract desired information. And here's the kicker: ...

Mind-blowing Masterpiece

By eljediloco
This film engages the audience from the very beginning and keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat with eyes wide open until the very end. The superb cast of the movie led by Leonardo DiCaprio and...

great movie

By diet pepsi
wow what an exciting fun thrilling adventure i had when i saw this movie it was just so good i loved it one of the best of 2010 so mutch fun it was about a man who has an imaginary world outside of...

Visually stunning and Ambitious. Doesn't dumb down the audience.

By Cavatica
This is the second Chris Nolan film I've walked out of saying "Wow!" repeatedly. It honestly feels like something his brother, Johnathan would have written (like Memento). The great thing about...

Thank you to all Inception talents...

...for seeing your audience as intelligent,wanting to spend our money on something worthwhile, and not needy for gratuitous sex,nudity,blood,gore,vile language ETC ! I have seen this movie 4times...

Inception Movie Review

By Asianfreak
91 out of 100 The American Dream....

Movie Review for Inception

By wesleymcintyre
Christopher Nolan does justice once again with this intense, well-thought, terrific, thrilling, movie. Wally Pfister has done one of the best jobs in cinematography that I've seen in many years, the...

Less Than Meets The Eye

By bwbob
Inception suffers from the same affliction as most action movies. It is pretty to watch, the effects are very good and the acting is sufficient. But the plot / writing is contrived, not overly...

Best Film of 2010

By the13thletter
This film is the best film of 2010. Yes, I know it's only July, but Nolan knocks it out of the park once again. The film uses a complex story, that only Nolan's team can pull off. The cast for this...

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Rated PG-13 | For sequences of violence and sequences of action
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Common Sense Media says Intense, complex, brilliant sci-fi thriller is OK for teens.
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