Inception: The IMAX Experience review

By nirdeshmittal
Written September 25, 2016
Excellent movie. Wont shy to watch it twice or thrice. A must watch
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Five Word Review

By albinet
Written July 17, 2010
Exceedingly Convoluted Piece Of Crap
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My Favorite Film

By cylon1515
Written January 23, 2017
Not only DiCaprio's best film, it is the best movie ever
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I cannot remember at this point...

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written August 02, 2010 many times I have seen this movie,and I will see it again! I have never thought IMAX or 3D was worth the extra money until Inception. This film was definitely taken to another level in IMAX. The story's endless layers and possibilities have provoked discussions,blogs,arguments,theories for a reason. I have raved over a few movies in my time,but Inception is a class unto itself. If you are in need of something to restore your faith in Hollywood,good storytelling,intelligent editing,superb music and actors who give their all please go....and go again. Do not miss being a part of this cinematic phenomenon!
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By keyster10
Written July 18, 2010
The trailer had me at hello. The movie starts off with lengthy mediocre dialogue. What was that premise again? The movie doesn't care to draw you in. It just moves along and it is what it is. When the action scenes do start it's lots of cars speeding, lots of bullets spraying, lots of loud explosions, or people in slow motion. But why? Even if they're upside down, why are people running from other people? I'm consistently questioning why a scene is happening. Example: Why did the avalanche happen? Was it necessary? The IMAX special effects technology is indeed impressive but leaves you watching with no emotion. Leonardo is a wonderful actor that is committed to his character. He misses his wife and wants to get back to his kids. He's handsome, he's in love, and he's a dad. Then why am I not emotionally running with him? Inception equals trailer deception. Not a mind bender, just a money taker.
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