By simplynikita
Written March 29, 2008
I loved this movie, I think people should go and see and and decide for themselves but I think it gave just enough of everything. The first half hour was a little boring and didn't really make too much sense until 'Harry' came into play, then it all made sense and picked up a lot! It was a very good film and I personally think it was Collin Farrell's best performance that I've seen.
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In Bruges

By joycee
Written February 13, 2008
Opening night- packed for playwright Martin McDonaugh’s first film, a terrific [nearly] two hours of film making.......perfect drama. Skillfully,McDonaugh presents the human drama, we resonate to. His theater of the absurd, [a la Becket] enables the audience to withstand the violence - this balance, is true genius. Acting - magnificent, as is directing, editing. “Bruges” is far, better than There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men.In Bruges the human comedy, the human predicament, is all there. Another stroke of McDonaugh genius, is to locate the plot in the historical background of painter, Hieronymus Bosch who, in his inimitable style always fills his works with the frenzied human conditions. Because McDonaugh wants us to have these associations, some of the painter’s works are shown briefly in “Bruges.” See this film, way before you go to the other 2 American films, which pale in comparison. Irish writers are in a sublime category, all their own.
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In Bruges

By HKviewer
Written February 13, 2008
Fantastic! Great character developemnt and dialogue. I didn't want the movie to end.
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By TMapou
Written February 23, 2008
The movie is as politically incorrect as a movie can get, and the characters seem to curse every other word, so it definitely is not for everyone. Some people will find it funny, and some will come out of it wondering what is wrong with the people who found it funny. I fell into the former camp. I was laughing throughout the movie, and quite hard. If you can appreciate black comedies and extremely politically incorrect humor, I definitely recommend this movie.
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My gun gets nicked, I'm suicidal, my best mate wants to kill me!

By ciscokidfpm
Written May 05, 2009
This movie is a slow character exploration. Well acted by Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. There is a pace one must get into when viewing such a movie. It's like fresh made spagetti sauce. Just the right mixture; just the right temperture to get it right. You can't rush great taste. Stick around for the scene where Ralph Fiennies gets tapped in the forehead. Bloody brilliant!
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