Ina World...

Written August 31, 2013
PERFECT plot, dialogue, characters, casting, comedy, a n d Deep Human Feeling!!. TERRIFIC.
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Excellently executed!

By pedsarq
Written June 22, 2014
What a terrific movie about fathers, daughters, and the egos that drive the voice-over part of showbiz. Lake Bell is terrific as the up-and-coming daughter of a voice-over legend. She's in his shadow, but, unfortunately, she's also being repressed by him in the business. For most of the film, he is incapable of acknowledging her talent and actively belittles her in front of his other daughter and very young girlfriend. There are some truly exceptional moments and conflicts in the film. I enjoyed it from start to finish.
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In a World...

By danielvox
Written December 23, 2014
Way more than the sum of its parts. Insights (& in-jokes) about the Voice Over world, a great character comedy with a sensitive exploration of relationships & their frustrations, a bit of triumph of the underdog--with a reality-check as well--& some wonderful performances by lots of unsung but familiar faces. Lake Bell is multi-hyphenate (writer, director, star) fantastic, but so is Michaela Watkins as her sister. Cameos by a lot of VO greats (Joe Cipriano, Marc Graue, Melissa Disney) but watch out for a sneaky little cameo by Cameron Diaz, as well. Worth seeing twice. Suitable for any age, but it won't hold children's interest.
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Lake Bell Takes Off In a Man's World

By shaneryankelly
Written October 28, 2014
Using the oft overlooked world of voice-over as a backdrop, Bell has delivered a film that is an important social satire without the snobbish condescension which that designation may imply. Read the full review at
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In A World

By diasteiger
Written September 18, 2014
A definite must go...Lake Bell is wonderful. Can't wait to see more from her!
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