Written August 24, 2013
Lake Bell movingly and humorously deals with family and human interactions in a way that's so believable and ultimately caring that the film's "story" is deeply impressing.
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Wish there were more movies like this!

By mayabastet
Written October 21, 2013
Great story, great characters, great cast, great performances! This movie had it all. And the fact that it was a woman in the lead, and getting a guy wasn't her main goal and/or accomplishment at the end was a bonus.
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Flawless Moviemaking ! ! !

By Schmalagaduff
Written September 22, 2013
This story is pure continuous enjoyment for every second it plays. No slow spots, poor characters, or bad acting. Unbelievably great throughout. A MUST SEE !!
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Not worth the $$'s - wait for "free" movie on cable

By bb_sailor
Written September 14, 2013
Actors were the "isn't it cool to be me" types with one talent - deep voices. Way too many inside Hollywood jokes - the actors laughed - the audience didn't. Walked out at 45 minutes.
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By mpower43
Written September 12, 2013
Not bad for a low-budget B movie. I would have liked more scenes about the voiceover world, but that's probably not the case with most moviegoers. Lake Butler looks semi-hot and her "show" voice is sensual. Trying to kill a couple of hours and you've seen everything else? You could do worse.
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