In a World... Synopsis
A vocal coach (Lake Bell) vies for a prestigious gig narrating movie trailers.
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By bcarroll27
Such a relief from the over blown shootem ups of the summer season, I heard Lake Bell interviewed on NPR and knew I must see this film. A real story with real world characters and terrific acting,...

A Nice Story

By mj4avanti
It's refreshing to see a movie that is based on substance rather than CGI/special effects. The film is something that everyone can relate to and it's an interesting insight to the voice-over world. ...

Lake Bell is fantastic!

By susan242
As a voice actress myself, I was watching for the reality of voiceover. There are so many scenarios and Lake Bell nailed a few of them!...

Excellently executed!

By pedsarq
What a terrific movie about fathers, daughters, and the egos that drive the voice-over part of showbiz. Lake Bell is terrific as the up-and-coming daughter of a voice-over legend. She's in his...

In a World

By oldcubron
I can't believe the review this movie gets; the plot is awful, the acting & overacting is terrible, but I did laugh at the stupidty & ineptness throughout this flick. It has to rank as on of the...

Perfect date movie

By rani23
Adorable, fun and a perfect date movie. It's a rom-com that's based in the "Voice Over" world and it was adorable. Lots of great voice actors have bit parts and you get an insider's view of "the...

Ina World...

PERFECT plot, dialogue, characters, casting, comedy, a n d Deep Human Feeling!!. TERRIFIC....

In a World...

By danielvox
Way more than the sum of its parts. Insights (& in-jokes) about the Voice Over world, a great character comedy with a sensitive exploration of relationships & their frustrations, a bit of triumph of...

Lake Bell Takes Off In a Man's World

By shaneryankelly
Using the oft overlooked world of voice-over as a backdrop, Bell has delivered a film that is an important social satire without the snobbish condescension which that designation may imply. Read...


Lake Bell movingly and humorously deals with family and human interactions in a way that's so believable and ultimately caring that the film's "story" is deeply impressing....

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Rated R | For Sexual References and Language
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