What parents need to know

Parents need to know that InAPPropriate Comedy is comedy with humor that's beyond unfunny; it's hateful, racist, sexist, and wildly offensive. Language is extremely strong, with frequent use of everything from "f--k" to "p---y," and sexual innuendo is constant. Sexual situations are also very briefly shown, and in one sequence characters critique porn movies. Violence is a minor issue; one character is a cop who shoots a few bad guys, with some blood shown. Bottom line? This is one of the worst movies ever made; don't waste your time or money.
  • Families can discuss all the stereotypes used in InAPPropriate Comedy. Are they funny? Are they offensive? Where's the line between the two?
  • What makes something funny to one person but not funny to another? Is there anything in this movie that you found funny?
  • Who do you think this movie is intended to appeal to? Why do you say that? Which movies is it trying to be like? Does it succeed?
  • Is any part of this movie a successful parody? Why or why not?
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