By rweingard
Written April 18, 2011
Story line - acting - panorama - content - all superb! I will go and see this movie again and pass the word as much as I am able. No question, iit should be nominated and win BEST FOREIGN FILM of the year, or any year! Adults only... for violence and some gruesome moments. You want to see a film that captures all emotions, go experience this one.
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By moviemomJuly
Written April 16, 2011
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By science_nerd
Written April 23, 2011
Wonderfully crafted film with so many touching moments. It's filled with spot-on portrayals of some of the many difficult decisions both adults and children face in life. You will be discussing this film long after it's over. It's beautifully shot in both Africa and Denmark. Definitely one of the best films out right now.
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Better World?

By wendyb829
Written May 17, 2011
This movie was so-so. I wouldnt see it a second time but nonetheless it held my interest. Dont expect any 'Wow' moments or surprise endings.
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Excellent Film!

By mhcdenver
Written April 18, 2011
A very suspensful, intense film that is all very touching. The characters and storyline are intertwined in many ways. A must see!
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