I'm Still Here Synopsis
Joaquin Phoenix announces his intention to retire from acting and pursue a music career.
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Is Film Integrity Gone? Don't See this Film

By Vidal_Benbasat
As I watched this film, I didn't know if it was a hoax or not, and I found out in an article the next day in theArts section of the NY Times. Now, I am not jumping to any conclusions because I...

I'm Still Here for real

By everyweek60706
Actors pretending to be somebody else in a made up story - why the very idea! It appears this movie is an attack on reality actors who are in fact scabs. COPS is credited with being the first...

Really Good

By Joshzanow
I would first like to say that in order to enjoy this film you have to be a Fan of Joaquin, if you are not don't even go. If you are you are in for such a treat. This film was so surprising, Clever,...

Five Word Review

By rstergas
Disturbing Awkward Unsettling Graphic Perplexing...

oh no

By tedisradnow
fjcjcjckgohphlgkv o j lgogkv k lgofidysgJclj kckvlblk k k lbkvkdyayskgoxjcjvlvlblblblblvkckvk k kcusyshxjckglhptuwtahgprtwjxkhpmlpvu i j h g t u kchd h j,ysjjvo ogkdhi j h k j h kxuzrHxj. o j...

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Rated R | For Graphic Nudity, Crude Content, Pervasive Language, Sexual Material and Some Drug Use
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Common Sense Media says Bad behavior from movie star Joaquin Phoenix isn't for kids.
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