Imogen Poots

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Michael Keaton Need for Speed
2013 Shirley Henderson Filth
2013 Jim Broadbent Filth
2013 Sam Neill A Long Way Down
2013 Toni Collette A Long Way Down
2013 Pierce Brosnan A Long Way Down
2013 Shirley Henderson The Look of Love
2013 Stephen Fry The Look of Love
2012 Timothy Spall Comes a Bright Day
2012 Wallace Shawn A Late Quartet
2012 Christopher Walken A Late Quartet
2012 Philip Seymour Hoffman A Late Quartet
2012 Madhur Jaffrey A Late Quartet
2012 Catherine Keener A Late Quartet
2011 Colin Farrell Fright Night
2011 Toni Collette Fright Night
2011 Chris Sarandon Fright Night
2011 Judi Dench Jane Eyre
2010 Dominic West Centurion
2010 Lindsay Duncan Christopher and His Kind
2010 Elisabeth Shue Waking Madison
2010 Will Patton Waking Madison
2009 Sinéad Cusack Cracks
2009 Claire Danes Me & Orson Welles
2009 Ben Chaplin Me & Orson Welles
2009 Danny DeVito Solitary Man
2009 Mary-Louise Parker Solitary Man
2009 Michael Douglas Solitary Man
2009 Susan Sarandon Solitary Man
2007 Harold Perrineau, Jr. 28 Weeks Later
2007 Catherine McCormack 28 Weeks Later
2007 Robert Carlyle 28 Weeks Later
2007 Olivia Williams Miss Austen Regrets
2007 Phyllida Law Miss Austen Regrets
2007 Greta Scacchi Miss Austen Regrets
2006 Stephen Fry V for Vendetta
2006 Rupert Graves V for Vendetta
2006 John Hurt V for Vendetta
2006 Sinéad Cusack V for Vendetta
2006 Natalie Portman V for Vendetta
2006 Hugo Weaving V for Vendetta
2006 Stephen Rea V for Vendetta
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