I'm Not There Synopsis
Several actors each portray musician Bob Dylan at a different stage in his life.
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Are you there?

By Nasty_Critic
Very artistic movie. Go there if you like Dylan's music and don't expect it to be the story of his life. Because it's not. This is the movie for artists about the artist. Don't expect suspence, don't...

it doesn't make sense if you don't know Dylan's life

By martinbariloche
it doesn't make sense if you don't know Dylan's life, so if you are planing in going first read about him. Teh movie is well filmed but it seemed to be too long....

A film you will either love or hate

By cjtolmie
If you are a bob dylan fan you will enjoy this movie. Cate Blanchette was AMAZING!! The music was great (duh) Very artsy-fartsy and impressed with itself, not bad, but I think it missed it's mark....

I'm Not There

By frankmcg
Simply too disjointed and weird. I love Dylan and his ability to inspire. This was not about Dylan but about the period of time we all lived through....

Horrible and Pretentious

By serafinagee
My friend and I are big movie-goers and love indie movies and my friend is a huge fan of Dylan and this movie was awful. It was so obvious that the director was so absorbed with the film that he...

I'm Not There

By Naugatuck1
A very interesting, original and complex fillm The music is terrific as our the performances. Most enjoyable if you are Bob Dylan fan and pick up on the connections between events in film and is...

it was cool

By peacefulrevolution9
i loved the weirdness of it and anybody who is a dylan fan knows that there is no explination to half the ****he did. he just did them cause ****, he's bob dylan. and even after all the people "hated"...

worth seeing with a few caveats

By Groovy_Movies
My bottom-line is, if you are a Dylan fan or an admirer of innovative filmmaking, e.g. a Fellini or Antonionni afficionada, go see this. If you are not into Dylan or put off by his elusiveness or if...


By jwilsonbartlett
Excellent, fast-paced and a lot of abstraction. Took my 19 year old son and we both came away from it with different perspectives - so trans-generational. Philiosophic and coming at you from many...

What on earth was that?

By drfeelgood
I am a fan of both Dylan and independent/creative movies, but I found this to be utterly impossible to watch. It was as if they tried intentionally to make it as confusing and absurd as possible,...

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Rated R | For language, some sexuality and nudity
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Common Sense Media says Well-acted, mature Dylan biopic for big fans only.
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