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Pretty but...

By rac00n
Written November 14, 2011
Immortals is full of luscious eye candy--the entire cast seems to be perfectly sculpted from marble. The costumes and action sequences are also quite stunning. However, like many of Tarsem's movies, the story is purely superficial and seems to lack the care and attention to detail that directors like Zack Snyder, Peter Jackson, and Bryan Singer imbed in their creations. Also, the movie manages to mangle mythology in a way that is completely annoying to anyone that has studied basic Greek Mythology. And finally the mix of British accents and American accents quickly snaps the viewer back into reality, leaving them wishing that they had been able to spend more time in such a pretty world. Immortals had potential...too bad it was helmed by such a misguided leader. Go for the visuals but don't expect too much else.
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By rseitz
Written November 12, 2011
First of all, on an entertainment basis, the movie was pretty good. The picture was filmed in a way that made it look really cool, lots of action and blood. So most guys are going to like it. For me, I thought the acting was great but it is missing more character detail. The film did not allow you to get caught up in the emotions that we are supposed to be moved by because it did not allow us time to "love" the characters. It felt rushed in a way that I felt something was missing. You know when you watched Gladiator or even 300, you got to know the characters in a way that got you really cheering for them, or feeling their pain and struggles. You were suppose to get that from Theseus but there was just no time for it. Overall, I'd say go if you want to watch a really cool action and it is not a very long movie so quick and dirty entertainment awaits.
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Immortals: C-

By MattH306
Written November 19, 2011
The action scenes did not make up for the awful script and puzzling storyline.
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Great Immortals!

By Mousedancing
Written November 12, 2011
Excellent movie! They did a great job with the story and we really liked the way they depicted the gods. Great acting all round, and the fight scenes were awesome!
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By Al P
Written November 13, 2011
Within the domain of fantasy films, this one is destined to be immortal. From the first frame to the last it's so engaging as to be almost hypnotic. This is one of those movies one could see again and again, enjoying a different experience each time. Obviously, it's a guy's film, no disputing that fact. Blood and violence are spread generously throughout the story but that "story" is what makes it all so much better than expected. It stops just short of being a cinematic masterpiece. This isn't meant as a criticism though. If you enjoyed 300, this one will satisfy you and then some. It's worth the price of today's movie tickets, which is saying something in itself. Leave the little guys home, otherwise you may scar them for life. See it. You won't be disappointed.
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