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Immortals Synopsis
A stonemason (Henry Cavill) revolts against a bloodthirsty king who seeks dominion over the gods.
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Pretty but...

By rac00n
Immortals is full of luscious eye candy--the entire cast seems to be perfectly sculpted from marble. The costumes and action sequences are also quite stunning. However, like many of Tarsem's...


By rseitz
First of all, on an entertainment basis, the movie was pretty good. The picture was filmed in a way that made it look really cool, lots of action and blood. So most guys are going to like it. For me,...

Immortals: C-

By MattH306
The action scenes did not make up for the awful script and puzzling storyline....

Great Immortals!

By Mousedancing
Excellent movie! They did a great job with the story and we really liked the way they depicted the gods. Great acting all round, and the fight scenes were awesome!...


By Al P
Within the domain of fantasy films, this one is destined to be immortal. From the first frame to the last it's so engaging as to be almost hypnotic. This is one of those movies one could see again...

Bloody, Violent, but Very Watchable

By julesk27
I've been into Greek and Roman mythology for a long time. When I heard that the same production team that brought us "300" was releasing "Immortals" I knew I'd be entertained. And I was! I really...

Pretty Great Movie

By theoldbear
It was much better than I expected...The interplay of the gods with the humans was quite interesting, I believe the director did 300. There seemed to be a line that made me think of the size of the...

Very Graphic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By ritzy_girl
I loved the movie "300" and wasn't disappointed with "Immortals." Although it seemed to be a cross between 300 and Clash of the Titans, the movie still maintained a uniqueness of its own. If you...

Immortals OH NO DON'T GO!!!

By usatown
If you had plans to see this don't ! (Back that truck up!)Movie was slow plot was terrible. Acting was just not there it was bla...bla..bla.You've been warned. :)...


By Mrrandumbxd
The movie was very gory and entertaining. Enjoyed it and everything seemed to fall in place. Random things didn't just happen in the movie. It was well worth $10 if your interested in that time...

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Rated R | For Sequences of strong bloody violence and a scene of sexuality
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Common Sense Media says Impressive visuals can't save brutally awful screenplay.
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