What parents need to know

Parents need to know that I'm in Love With a Church Girl is a faith-based film about a former drug dealer who turns his life to God with the help of his Christian girlfriend. Based on the life of pastor and former California drug smuggler Galley Molina, the movie was produced not just to entertain but to evangelize, so the main message is how even a former criminal can find forgiveness, acceptance, and love through God's grace. There's no language or sex scenes (although there are a few chaste kisses and mentions of sex), but there are a few moments in a nightclub when grown-ups drink alcohol, some overt brand placements (mostly cars), and a couple of moments when criminals or cops wield guns.
  • Families can talk about the intersection of faith and entertainment. What do you think of this movie's positive messages? What about the movie's entertainment values? Can you like one aspect and not the other?
  • Do you think this movie will only appeal to Christian audiences? Who do you think will most enjoy this movie?
  • Ja Rule is one of many rappers who've transitioned to acting. How do you think he fares?
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