IMAGINE THAT - surprisingly CHARMING and SWEET! Rating: 80 out of 100. (Per advance press preview)

Written June 12, 2009
June 11 - I just previewed this cute and funny movie at a advance press screening. And it charmed me off my feet! I enjoyed the metaphor-laden plot - and the family-friendly humor. And the audience did as well - we were all laughing and enjoying ourselves silly at Eddie Murphy's on-screen funny antics. And I had no idea that Thomas Haden Church could do comedy until now - I was pleasantly surprised - he was funny! This is a FUN and SWEET movie. Themes: parental responsibility/fatherhood, power of imagination, getting in touch with your inner child, belief in yourself, conflict/cooperation/rivalry, priorities, etc. I want myself a Googa/Gunga/Guga blanket too!!! (the cheap version and not the $6000 plus Red Bull version!) VERDICT: Great family-oriented entertainment! Will appeal to both kids and parents/adults. Go see it! ACTUAL GRADE: B
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By sensationaljewelry
Written June 20, 2009
For those of us adults who still have the 'CHILD' in us with a sense of 'ADVENTURE AND FANTASY" this is a FUN and HEART warming cute story! For children - its great as well! I think its a FANTASTIC family, heartwarming and endearing story of a businessman whos always been 'too busy' for his family.. and soon finds out how 'IMPORTANT' his daughter is to him and REALLY gets to finally know her after he and his wife split I have NO idea why some people don't like it.. that is UNLESS its because they prefer stupid comedy, violence, sex and nudity etc! I thought all the characters were fantastic! I think some people oughta stay home if they aren't into 'heartwarming' stories! I think some people are just PLAIN HARD TO PLEASE! ( ;
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Worth the trip

By kk1970
Written June 22, 2009
Althought "Imagine That" won't be winning any Oscars, I found it more entertaining than most children's movies. The acting was excellent. The story line is a good reminder to parents about putting work aside and tuning in to your kids more often. I would not recommend this for children younger than 9 or so, simply because the story line may be difficult for them to follow. Eddie Murphy plays an investment broker who is competing with another broker throughout the movie. The story line about Murphy's job may be too advanced for younger kids to follow. My girls are 10 and 8, and they understood the movie, but I can see where many kids wouldn't get it. Overall a good film.
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Imagine That

By opi
Written June 18, 2009
This was the best movie I've seen in a while. Wish there were more like it. No language, sex or nudity. You don't have to have the language,etc. for a good movie. Would pay to see this movie again. GOOD JOB
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Family friendly fun

By RandytheMovieFan
Written June 10, 2009
Sweet, silly and squeaky clean, this is a good choice for the kids and grandkids. Adults will find some enjoyable moments and only check their watches a coupe of times.
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