Imagine Dragons: Smoke + Mirrors Concert Synopsis
Fathom Events, CinemaLive and Eagle Vision are thrilled to bring Imagine Dragons In Concert: Smoke + Mirrors to the big screen nationwide for a one-night concert event on Wednesday, March 2.

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Not a review of the band but the quality of film

By chrisavelasquez
Deeply disappointed! I thought we would go to this showing thinking it would be almost the same as the concert because, what the heck, movies with surround sound these days completely envelope you...


By brickhousela
Wow... I've seen them live before, but this was incredible. What an amazing show they performed in Toronto. After a while of being in the theater, you start to feel like you're really there. At...


By maenez
Love this band! Saw them when they were in San Diego and it was awesome being able to see this concert again but on the big screen. Great close ups of all the band members and well edited. ...

Such a blast!

By Jostrich
If you haven't been to one of their concerts before then this is a good option to give you a taste of it. And if you have it's such a fantastic trip to remind you how much fun it is. Amazing band....

Imagine dragon

By CoDee2U
Great production! I hope more bands get the same opportunity....


By patsfan0124
I saw this concert earlier this year and thought it was one of the best concerts I had ever seen and wanted to relive the awesome experience. It was very disappointing. The ad for this show led me to...

Waited since it was announced in the middle of their tour

By Haileybleu
It was so worth the wait! Fantasticly filmed, very well done. I saw Imagine Dragons live months back and I was in too much awe to really comprehend everything that was going on. Super glad they...

Amazing band, so so quality

By cjohnfam316
I saw this when it came out and I got to say, I expected more. I love Coldplay, and their live 2012 concert movie blew me away because it was a mix of how they did the concert and the concert. This...


By lpjz27
What a great show!!!...

You won't need to imagine a better film!

By Beakerfan99
This film captures the bands pure energy! Absolutely breathtaking....

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