Really Good

By Joshzanow
Written September 11, 2010
I would first like to say that in order to enjoy this film you have to be a Fan of Joaquin, if you are not don't even go. If you are you are in for such a treat. This film was so surprising, Clever, Funny, Sad, Poetic and very unique. Just a few words I would use to describe this film. I am still not sure if this is real or not. Must See!
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I'm Still Here for real

By everyweek60706
Written September 25, 2010
Actors pretending to be somebody else in a made up story - why the very idea! It appears this movie is an attack on reality actors who are in fact scabs. COPS is credited with being the first reality show and a direct response to the last SAG strike. The freaks who appear on Springer and the like are paid minimum scale as actors. One of the Letterman writers claims written evidence that Dave knew Joaquin was playing a character in the famous first interview. In the second interview Joaquin says the project was motivated by the 'reality' issue. I find the whole thing fascinating, the Letterman interviews, the movie, the news stories. The movie doesn't seem to be about celebrity but more about work and career management. The subject matter of the film is disgusting stuff, it got me out and into the city on a work night at twice what I usually spend, but it was well worth it.
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Is Film Integrity Gone? Don't See this Film

By Vidal_Benbasat
Written October 12, 2010
As I watched this film, I didn't know if it was a hoax or not, and I found out in an article the next day in theArts section of the NY Times. Now, I am not jumping to any conclusions because I don't know what to believe anymore, but I really don't think all of the film was a hoax. I have a real feeling that labeling the film a hoax is Casey Affleck's desperate attempt save his brother in law's tarnished repuation More blame should go to Casey Affleck because he is after all the film maker. Joaquin Phoenix's hubris and out of control drug use is very much apparent in this film and is probably true off screen. He just went along with the ride knowing his brother in law was fiming him, while he jokingly pursued a music career. I have to admit, some of the lyrics were not so bad though. As I mentioned before, I don't know what is true. I just have to say that i've lost all my respect for Casey Affleck, and I wish Joaquin Phoenix all the best.
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Five Word Review

By rstergas
Written September 17, 2010
Disturbing Awkward Unsettling Graphic Perplexing
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oh no

By tedisradnow
Written September 19, 2010
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