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  • June 26, 2013
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Il Trovatore

By carolynswartz
Written January 22, 2017
Moral of the story: Avoid Regal Union Square 14 in Manhattan. Movie looked great, and wish I could have gotten to see it. But for the second time in Theater 5, a projection problem made a movie unwatchable. In the first twenty minutes of the movie, the sound cut out repeatedly -- maybe 50 times -- for five to seven seconds, replaced by ear-splitting static. Then it stopped altogether and management came into the theater to apoloogize and out free passes "but not for the opera". They said they'd resume projection for those who wanted to see the movie "despite the intrusion of the static", which apparently they couldn't fis. A few hardy souls stayed. For most of us, the magic had been destroyed. We left.
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Wonderful Production!!

By kcanary
Written June 27, 2013
I am so glad this came back as an encore production, I would have hated to miss it. The four leads were superlative in their roles, not just for their singing but their acting was top notch, too. The production by McVicar featured a revolving set that made scene transitions fluid and the sets added much to the atmosphere of the whole opera. My only negatives, and minor ones at that, was that the entire film seemed dark - was that a result of the filming instead of seeing it live? If so, it is something that would be nice to correct so that the entire viewing experience is A++++!! I would have also edited the pre-battle scene with the prostitutes and made the sex simulations a little less graphic, just seemed to clash with the overall tone of the production and added nothing. Other than these small points, I highly rate this production as a MUST SEE!
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devastating in the best way

By katherinechallett
Written June 27, 2013
heart-wrenching performances from all! God bless the Met Opera. GO. You will not regret it.
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IL Trovatore

By browncljr
Written July 02, 2013
a nine out of ten. Great show. Hope this venue continues as it brings these great performances to the neighborhood.
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Met Summer Encores

By papayamaja
Written June 28, 2013
Glorious beautiful music for opera lovers. Half-price for the summer encore broadcasts as opposed to the full price for the original simulcasts.
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