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  • June 26, 2013
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Must Go!

By dlcatt
Written January 16, 2017
This opera was so brilliant that I'm going to look for the CD. I had seen this a while ago and sort of remembered the story...but I did't recall how wonderful the music and the arias were. the cast was just perfect...Sondra R., Dmitri H. and all favorites of mine. Loved the coloratura.
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By wamozart
Written August 31, 2016
Absolutely incredible singing. Verdi's score is very difficult and all the singers did justice and more to the score.
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Il Trovatore at Citrus Park, FL movie theater

By compudeb
Written July 01, 2016
I love opera, and The Met in HD is a real gift. I was really looking forward to seeing this performance, but it was a disappointment. The point was made several times by Renee Fleming in her cast interviews about what a difficult opera it is to stage, and after having seen this one that is supposed to have "solved many of the difficulties" I can only say I do not think it is one that I would make a special effort to see again. That being said, my primary dislike is with the venue itself. The audio is turned up so loud that it is uncomfortable. I enjoy wonderfully rousing band and orchestral music, but that is a natural kind of volume. This is turned up so much that it just turns the experience into an exercise in endurance. I saw the encore performance of Carmen the previous week and, while I loved that performance, I would offer the same critique of the venue. Please, turn down the volume! I highly recommend The Met in HD, but try a different theater or bring earplugs.
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The troubador opera was great

Written August 25, 2016
But a horrible story with exceptionally good music, arias, and performers. However- at Bella Botega in redmond, a long standing problem regarding acoustic background noise sounding like a video game distracts from not only this opera in HD, but many. MY guess is that the projectionist is or has been playing video games of the ' star wars' or explosion genre, and some electrical cross feed is happpening. I haved complained about this to management last year- and it stopped for a while ( a couple of operas at least ) in theater number 2. Please fix this !!!!
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Il Trovatore

By carolynswartz
Written January 22, 2017
Moral of the story: Avoid Regal Union Square 14 in Manhattan. Movie looked great, and wish I could have gotten to see it. But for the second time in Theater 5, a projection problem made a movie unwatchable. In the first twenty minutes of the movie, the sound cut out repeatedly -- maybe 50 times -- for five to seven seconds, replaced by ear-splitting static. Then it stopped altogether and management came into the theater to apoloogize and out free passes "but not for the opera". They said they'd resume projection for those who wanted to see the movie "despite the intrusion of the static", which apparently they couldn't fis. A few hardy souls stayed. For most of us, the magic had been destroyed. We left.
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