Written March 21, 2009
(Per an ACTUAL advance press preview) This 1hr 50mins movie stars Paul Rudd, Jason Segel and Rashida Jones. This well-paced comedy is hysterical - and the chemistry between the cast-members is electrifying! Everyone seemed totally at ease and looked like they all had fun playing their respective roles. The sly clever irreverent in-your-face slice-of-life blend of jokes are spot-on, blatant and sometimes vulgar - fitting the overall tone of the movie. Silly, fun, loopy, zany, hysterical, etc. - take your pick of adjectives - no matter what, you will laugh! The hilarious Paul Rudd is a certified nutty gem! Major themes: trust, responsibility, friendship, love. I'll watch it again - hoping for a UNRATED DVD version with extended/deleted scenes. VERDICT: Parents - please do not bring your kids to this R-rated movie. Otherwise, do yourself a FAVOR - Go See It - and have a chuckle! Again, NO kids allowed. Otherwise, try explaining to them what MAN-DATE means.
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By Lgoaliefan
Written April 18, 2009
It was pretty good. Some parts lagged but overall a nice story.
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By Dark_Chameleon
Written March 08, 2009
This is ridiculous..If we're going to a restaurant and want a review we dont listen to someone whos never eaten there or even looked at the menu, this is supposed to be a place that we gain knowledge rather then read what someone writes without any information other then a trailer and their own deep rooted political/sexual/entertainment views. Listen to someone who has been to the movie...and if theyre giving a review a while before the movie comes out treat their review with Skepticism as there are only a few out there who have been to a preview and others are actual employees from the studio that have seen it and have a reason for it to do well. PEOPLE...if your unsure about going to see this or any other movie wait till after the first day and then come to Fandango, read the reviews and make an informed judgement, after all if we want to be the first to see a movie we're not going to read any reviews before going and if we need a review then we need info not bias, Thankyou
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“I LOVE YOU, MAN” – And thank you for all the BIG LAUGHS you provided! =

By jimchudnow
Written March 20, 2009
(Per an advance preview:) It was a real PLEASURE, after a slew of comparatively “mild” comedies opening recently, to see this one which provided LOADS of really HEARTY LAUGHS. Peter (wonderfully played by PAUL RUDD) is a man who has always gotten along exceptionally well with women, but who’d found it hard to do the same with most GUYS. Since he’s about to marry his girlfriend (effectively played by RASHIDA JONES), he finds he needs to cultivate some good MALE friends for his wedding party. His gay personal trainer brother (comfortably played by ANDY SAMBERG) tries to help him, but things keep going wrong. He then chances to meet a shockingly-blunt but very-attuned-to-others guy named Sydney (JASON SEGEL, finely controlled & quite funny), who shares his love of ‘Rush’ and helps Peter open up more to himself & the world around him. It’s pretty R-rated riotous as they get to bro-mantically know each other & share experiences including Syd’s efforts to help Peter re real estate problems.
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By calgirl5683
Written April 19, 2009
this was the most heartwarming and funny movie i've seen in a long time. Paul Rudd is awesome! i didn't stop laughing from beginning to end. it's definitely a MUST-SEE!!!
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