already seen it

By tdawger13
Written December 14, 2008
i actually saw this about a month back in a premovie showing, and it was really good, very american pie-ish
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By justine1937
Written July 07, 2009
You like have to like see this movie. it was like the best move i have ever like seen. OMG
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“I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER” -- Can a Nerd rehabilitate himself via Public Comments? = Rating: 7 of 10 stars (per an advance screening).

By jimchudnow
Written July 10, 2009
This is a mildly charming, generally sweet film mainly aimed at a teenage audience (which seemed to “relate” to & enjoy it). Nerdy high school valedictorian Denis (PAUL RUST), urged on by his best friend Rich (JACK CARPENTER), gives a grad speech in which he makes comments about classmates— calling one stuck-up, one a bully, one gay, & one – Beth Cooper (HAYDEN PANATIERRE) – as being the object of his love. With a hidden agenda (including upsetting her current boyfriend Kevin – played by SHAWN ROBERTS), Beth & 2 girlfriends (Cammy, played by LAUREN LONDON, & Treece, played by LAUREN STORM) show up at Denis’ grad party. As the girls & guys spend time together, there are the “usual” high-jinks-- getting drunk, driving badly, fighting, making out, etc. It’s not especially clever or funny or very boisterous, but you end up understanding & “pulling” for the good guys. The decently-acted film achieves what it sets out to, namely, make some gentle observations about difficulties in growing up
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I Love You, Beth Cooper

By movielvr23
Written July 19, 2009
Beth Cooper is an excellent must-see movie. The film starts with high school valedictorian Denis Cooverman (Paul Rust) stating to the entire gymnasium that he's had a crush on cheerleader Beth Cooper (Hayden Panettiere) for six years. Denis' speech upsets everyone except Beth, who thinks it was "sweet," giving Denis the courage to invite her to a party at his house that night. This movie was extremely touching and teaches teenagers not to give up on their dreams, and if they truly believe in something it might just come true.
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Saw It Twice

By jaymielikessomeone
Written July 25, 2009
It was soooo funny. Hayden did so good in this movie. I never liked her until the movie came out. She and Paul were so funny together. Paul's best friend was so funny. It's a have to see movie.If you want to see a funny movie see it. By the way Hayden's boyfriend was so cute and so funny. I hope my review helped you. You need to see it.
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